Tips for Finding a Rental

Flexibility and speed are key to finding a rental property in the greater Ann Arbor area.

Tips for Finding a Rental in the Fast-Paced Washtenaw County Market

Flexibility and preparation are key to finding a rental property in the greater Ann Arbor area.  You will find Spring /Summer to be the busiest time for relocation and thus a nice, leisurely search is a thing of the past.  However, with the guidance and assistance of a Reinhart Rental professional, we hope to make your search a little easier.

Below is the information we will need to know in order to better help you:  

  • When do you plan to move?
  • How many people will it be for? 
  • Pets?  How many and what type?
  • How many bedrooms will you need?  Baths?
  • Are you considering apartment communities or only home/condo?
  • Location?  Are you looking primarily in Ann Arbor or will you consider outlying areas such as Ypsilanti, Dexter, Saline, Chelsea, Whitmore Lake, etc.
  • Length of lease desired? 
  • Anything particular that you can think of that we should know (i.e., garage or air conditioning a must, etc.)

Things to keep in mind before you start looking:

  • Be available to see places as soon as they come available.  Waiting a few days can make the difference on whether the property will still be available.   Also, keep in mind that if the property is occupied it may require 24-hours advance notice to view.  You may need to take time during the day to view versus a weekend or evening (especially if the property is occupied).
  • Work with one agent.  We pull listings from the same multiple listing service. 
  • Typically listings come on the market 30 to 60 days prior to the date they are available.  If you are looking to move 90+ days out it may be too soon for us to know what will be available.
  • One year leases are standard for the area.  Short term can be difficult to find, however, may be available through our represented apartment communities.  We have also partnered with Extended Stay hotels in the area and may be able to pass along discounted rates.
  • If you have pets we will need to know details (type, breed, size, age, etc.).  Many rentals have pet restrictions and also pet fees.
  • How is your credit?  Resolve any outstanding issues before you start looking.  You may need to provide your credit report and proof of income (employment verification) when you apply.  Please discuss any issues with us prior to starting your search.
  • The more flexible you can be with what you will consider, the more properties and options we will be able to forward to you.  For instance, if you would like 4 bedrooms but 3 would be enough then we should include 3 bedroom properties in the search.  Also, give us the highest price range you will consider.  We will send you listings and then you will choose which ones you decide you will see.  

Rental turnover is a way of life in the transient University towns of Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti.  We have been in the rental business since 1982.  Our experience and professionalism will help you navigate through the entire process.